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Executive Assistant

Hybrid / Panchkula, India

Job Type

Executive Assistant

About the Role

We are actively seeking a highly skilled and dynamic Executive Assistant to join our team. The ideal candidate will possess a blend of expertise in auditing IT projects, proficiency in managing Zoho Books and Payroll, advanced Excel skills, and outstanding communication abilities. This role extends beyond routine tasks, requiring someone capable of implementing IT organization policies and delivering impactful presentations during quarterly meetings.


Key Responsibilities:

1. Conduct thorough audits of IT projects, ensuring compliance with established standards.

2. Efficiently manage Zoho Books and Payroll for streamlined financial operations.

3. Showcase advanced proficiency in Excel for insightful data analysis and reporting.

4. Play a pivotal role in establishing and implementing IT organization policies.

5. Demonstrate exceptional presentation skills during quarterly reporting.

6. Promote the company to work towards strong social recognition.

7. Handle employee queries with HR-like skills.

8. Understanding of legal implications relevant to IT companies.

9. Experience working with MNCs in a similar capacity.

10. Open to ideas and precise with words.

11. Great skills in identifying priorities and working on them.

12. Ability to politely push IT managers and staff for necessary statistics, ensuring policy adherence.

13. Work closely with the CEO, contributing ideas for company growth and enforcing leadership decisions.

14. Excellent documentation skills with a strong track record.

15. Develop and implement a values delivery framework for clients, contributing to marketing success.

16. Understanding of legal implications and international operations


1. Proven experience in auditing IT projects and managing Zoho Books and Payroll.

2. Advanced skills in Excel for data analysis and reporting.

3. Strong communication skills for effective interaction within the team.

4. Degree in management or communication.

5. Zeal to contribute to the growth of startups with a track record to showcase.

6. Ability to instill discipline within the company.

7. Proven initiative-taking capabilities, not reliant on constant inputs.

8. Experience working closely with directors and CEOs.

9. Commitment to fostering long-term work relationships.

10. Background in working with IT companies, actively contributing to and witnessing their growth.

Opportunity for Growth:

This role holds the potential for promotion to Chief Operating Officer (COO) for candidate looking for a long term work relationship, providing an exciting career trajectory. We are seeking a candidate dedicated to our company's success, passionate about working with startups, capable of driving initiatives independently, adept at promoting the company for strong social recognition, and possessing a comprehensive understanding of legal implications and international operations. If you embody these qualities, we invite you to apply and embark on a fulfilling journey with us.

If you think you are a great fit for the opportunity, apply by sending an email to

About the Company

We at Appricus IT Solution are committed to providing market-defining, high-quality software solutions while focusing on quality, maintainability, user experiences, design perfection, and performance. We strive for perfection through agile, strategic and innovative approach creating value for our clients and associates. Our young team enjoys working on complex projects to deliver effective and superlative solutions. Refer to Our website :- . We are currently working on expanding our operations in US & UK, and working on an exciting growth projections.

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