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Creating an excellent software application

Writing good software applications requires excellence in the following areas:

  1. Deep understanding of business: A software development team must have members that can deeply understand the user requirements and, therefore, can design an excellent interaction.

  2. Good Designer: The team must have access to good designers that can intuitively put the solution on Apps or websites that provide a seamless experience to the users.

  3. Great Developers: At the very core, the team must be composed of very talented developers, leaders, and architects who all work together to write a great piece application. The team must make sure not to do over architecture but simultaneously implement necessary generalizations for easy maintainability.

  4. Quick to Market: The team must focus on faster to market approach. Therefore instead of waiting to launch a full-blown piece of application, the focus should be on releasing the most valued product first (MVP). And there should be continuous rollouts of more and more features.

  5. Using automation tools and techniques: Nowadays, a good software development team make use of a large number of tools to ensure high productivity and reduce repetitive task by offloading them to CI/CD, Test Automation, and monitoring tools.

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